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Scenery release date: 2018.02.01

The scenery is offered as a single product for FSX and Prepar3D v3 or v4.
The scenery is sold for US$ 17.50

Current Version: 3.1.2

KLAX 2018 (or KLAX version 3) depicts the Los Angeles International Airport as it exists in the winter of 2018. The new scenery was rebuilt almost entirely from scratch and incorporates all significant changes that have taken place since we published the original KLAX v1 scenery in 2011. Highlights include the new Tom Bradley International terminal (TBIT) concourse, the newly overhauled Terminal 1, all major additions and improvements completed at Terminals 4 and 7 and the renovated American Airlines remote terminal. KLAX 2018 also incorporates all major changes in the runway and taxiway layout including extensions to runways 6R/24L and 7L/25R along with the corresponding access taxiways plus the new taxiways R, T and S connecting the north and south fields. We also added the new maintenance area at the west end of the field.

With the exception of the parking structures within the terminal complex and the buildings along Century Blvd, all gmax models are 100% new. (Note: the KLAX v2 free upgrade published in 2015 included a significant part of the new model for the international terminal included in this scenery.) The new models feature high-resolution textures throughout and an unprecedented level of three-dimensional detail designed to take advantage of the superior shadow rendering capabilities of Prepar3D.

In 2017, LAX underwent the most extensive airline terminal relocation in the history of civil aviation and our new scenery incorporates all those changes. The airline shuffle responded to both the many mergers of the last few years and the desire of some major airlines to consolidate and enhance their operations at what is currently the US busiest airport by number of international passengers and the third busiest by number of passengers overall.

Terminal 1 is now used by Southwest Airlines exclusively and underwent a complete overhaul resulting in an almost entirely new facility. In 2017 Delta Airlines took over Terminals 2 and 3 with intending to refurbish and interconnect them thus creating a major hub in the west coast. Delta’s allies including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Aeromexico and WestJet also use Terminal 2. American Airlines continues to occupy Terminal 4 and added four gates in Terminal 5. In addition, Gate 52 connects T5, via bus service, to the remote terminal from which Compass Airlines operates most regional routes for American. American also moved most of their international operations to the TBIT taking advantage of the new T4 – TBIT connector. Hawaiian, JetBlue, Allegiant and Spirit also use Terminal 5. Alaska Airlines consolidated its operations at the newly renovated Terminal 6, sharing three of its gates with Air Canada. United Airlines remained in Terminals 7 and 8. Recent enhancements to terminal 7 include a new structure housing the airline’s club and other passenger amenities.

LAX is in the midst of a multibillion dollar renovation and enhancement project that will soon add a mid-field concourse to the TBIT and a people mover connecting the terminal complex to new, remote consolidated car rental and multimodal transportation facilities. In addition, Delta and American have committed more than a billion dollars each to renovate and enhance Terminals 2 /3 and 4/5 respectively. The project also includes an overhauled TBIT and new connectors between T1 – T2 and T3 – TBIT eventually creating a fully integrated terminal complex.

  • Custom-made, optimized and fully three-dimensional Gmax models of the entire facility including:
    • Ten terminals
    • Accurately located aircraft parking positions around every terminal and individually customized static jetways at every gate
    • Static service vehicles and parking alignment aids at every gate
    • ATC tower
    • Iconic LAX theme building
    • Parking structures and other facilities adjacent to the terminals
    • A significant fraction of the general aviation, aircraft maintenance and cargo facilities within the field’s boundary
    • Approach lighting fixtures and navigation aid antennae for every runway
  • Custom-made, high-resolution (32 pixels/meter) textures for all Gmax generated models including transparency and reflection effects
  • Complimentary custom-made, high-resolution photo real ground textures depicting seasonal changes and carefully blended with the surrounding terrain
  • Accurate runway and taxiway layout, including detailed markings and signs
  • Realistic taxiway and ramp markings and ramp illumination effects
  • Advanced, custom-made AI mapping file (AFCAD) including realistic gate/parking position layout airline airline gate assignments. An optional AFCAD file without airline gate assignments is available for download from our web site.

NOTE: BluePrint sceneries are not compatible with FSX or Prepar3D animated service vehicles

Software Compatibility:

FSX and Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (All versions) or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3 or v4 and Windows 7, 8 or 10 (All versions). FSX and Prepar3D must be set to display the default terrain elevation mesh with 5 meters or better resolution for the scenery to display properly (1 meter resolution is recommended). Our scenery has not been tested with third-party terrain elevation mesh add-ons and the use of the scenery with such add-ons is not recommended.

Minimum Hardware Configuration:
  • Intel Core i7 or better (Core i7-950 @ 3.07GHz fully tested)
  • 4 GB RAM (fully tested)
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 970 series* video processor or better (nVidia GeForce GTX 970 fully tested). Dual current-generation nVidia* or ATI video processor in SLI or Crossfire configuration may be required for best performance when dense Autogen and weather features are in use (2 X nVidia GeForce GTX 970 in SLI configuration fully tested)

Note: No significant frame-rate degradation was observed in full-screen mode when using the hardware specified above as “fully tested”.

* BluePrint Simulations sceneries are designed and tested using nVidia GPU’s exclusively. For Current generation video card specifications visit http://nVidia.com. For ATI video card specifications visit http://ati.com

Airport Information

33 ° 56.55'N
118 ° 24.43'W

125 ft (38 m)

8926 x 150 ft (2720 x 45 m)
10885 x 150 ft (3317 x 45 m)
12923 x 150 ft (3940 x 45 m)
11095 x 200 ft (3382 x 60 m)

Passenger Terminals:
Tom Bradley Intl Terminal (TBIT)
Terminal 1 (Southwest)
Terminal 2 (Delta)
Terminal 3 (Delta)
Terminal 4 (American)
Terminal 5 (American)
Terminal 6 (Alaska)
Terminal 7 (United)
Terminal 8 (United)

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