Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3 installation instructions of compatible sceneries. For scenery compatibility go here.

Please realize that:

  1. These instructions do no apply to sceneries advertised as Prepar3D v3 compatible in the corresponding scenery page of this web site such as KCLT and KSEA. The installers labeled KCLTv1.1.2 and KSEAv1.1.2 are compatible with both FSX and Prepar3D v3.
  2. These instructions do no apply to sceneries that are not listed here as compatible with Prepar3D v3.
  3. The FS2004 (or FS9) version of any BluePrint Simulations scenery is NEVER compatible with Prepar3D v3. If you own a license to install and use the FS2004 version of a Prepar3D v3 compatible BluePrint Simulations scenery you must purchase a license for the FSX/P3D or FSX version the scenery to install it and use it in Prepar3D v3
  4. With the exception of any scenery advertised as Prepar3D v3 compatible in the scenery product page such as KCLT and KSEA, the sceneries listed here as Prepar3D v3 compatible were not designed for Prepar3D v3. They have been tested in Prepar3D v3 and deemed to be compatible even though some very minor incompatibilities may exist. In all cases, Prepar3D v3 compatible special effects must be downloaded and installed as explained in the installation instructions below.
  5. Straight forward compatibility between FSX and Prepar3D v3 is due to the intrinsic commonality between the two simulators and the fact that our sceneries are designed using FSX SDK tools exclusively.
  6. We do not advertise any of our sceneries published before KCLT and KSEA as Prepar3D compatible.
  7. You install any of the sceneries published before KCLT and KSEA in Prepar3D v3 at your own risk. Limited technical support will be provided for those sceneries in Prepar3D v3.
  8. The license that you purchased for the FSX version of our scenery entitles you to install and use one instance of the scenery at a time. Installing and using any BluePrint scenery in both FSX and Prepar3D v3 simultaneously constitutes a violation of the End Used License Agreement.
  9. Good performance of a given scenery in FSX does not guarantee good performance in Prepar3D v3. Prepar3D v3 is a leap forward in both graphics display and default scenery complexity including weather features and Autogen components. We do not recommend using any BluePrint scenery in Prepar3D v3 with hardware that does not meet the minimum requirements listed below. If Prepar3D v3 is struggling in your computer (i.e. marginal frame rates), our sceneries will push it over the edge.

Minimum hardware requirements

Note: No significant frame-rate degradation was observed in full-screen mode when using the hardware specified above as “fully tested”.

* BluePrint Simulations sceneries are designed and tested using nVidia GPU’s exclusively. For Current generation video card specifications visit http://nVidia.com. For ATI video card specifications visit http://ati.com

Download Installation instructions in PDF format here

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