Last update: 2018.02.01

Scenery Activation Instructions (Adding the scenery to the FS library):

We have chosen not to modify your "scenery.cfg" file (or any default FS2004, FSX or Prepar3D file) in any way. The scenery installers will simply copy the scenery files to the appropriate folder in your computer as selected by you during the installation process. Consequently, ALL BluePrint Simulations sceneries must be added to the flight simulator's library manually. This is not only a very simple task, but also an essential skill for any serious flight simulation enthusiast. For your convenience, a set of detailed instruction intended to guide you though the task of adding the scenery to the library are included in the documentation delivered with our sceneries. You will given the option of opening the scenery documentation at the end of installation. You may also find the documents in the "Docs" folder contained inside the main scenery folder. Please note that the documents are in ".PDF" format and a PDF reader is required to open them.

Interim patches, fixes and upgrades:

BluePrint illumination effect files (2018.02.01)
KCLT Taxiway Markings (2016.05.23)
Airline Logos update (2015.03.09)
KEWR v1.1 taxiway markings
KJFK v1.3 taxiway signs fix
SKBO v1.1.x revised terrain elevation files
KCLE v1.4.1 for FS2004 terrain elevation fix
DFW v1.1.2 for FSX runway hold-short warning lights side fixtures replacement
KDAL v1.3.1 winter trees fix (02/27/2010)
Latest SPIM Update (12/13/2009)
FS2004 generic concrete textures and taxiway markings used in our screenshots
FSX sp2 compatible hold-short lights and FS9 upgrade

BluePrint illumination effect files

The following installer files contain illumination effects used in ALL BluePrint Simulator sceneries:



KCLT Taxiway Markings

The following files correct the taxiway markings on the north side of runway 5/23

KCLTTaxiwayMarkings.BGL for FS2004
KCLTTaxiwayMarkingsFSX.BGL for FSX and Prepar3D v3


Airline Logos update

The following files contain textures that will replace the Northwest signs with Delta signs, the Continental/old United signs with the New United signs and US Airways/old_American signs with the new American signs (mostly on jetways)
The following textures are common to older BluePrint sceneries including KCLE, KDAL, KRDU version 2, KSDF, KIND, KMEM, KBOS, KDFW and TJSJ.

The following textures are common to the more recent BluePrint sceneries including KMCO, KIAH, KDTW, KJFK, SBGL, CYUL version 2, KMSP version 2, KIAD version 2, KDEN, KEWR, KSFO and KLAX version 2


KEWR v1.1 taxiway markings

The following files add the red taxiway markings at runway intersections that were missing in the original KEWR installers delivered before 9/6/2014. You do not need these files if you downloaded the KEWR v1.1 after 9/5/2014.

For FS2004:
For FSX:


KJFK v1.3 taxiway signs fix

The following files contain corrected taxiway signs for KJFK v1.3. You do not need these files if you downloaded the v1.3 upgrade after 2/18/2014.

For FS2004:
For FSX:


SKBO v1.1.x revised terrain elevation files

The following files correct some problems associated with the terrain elevation files included in the original release version of the scenery.

Note: The terrain elevation files for this scenery were compiled using the most recent SRTM data available to the public form the USGS that is compatible with the simulator's SDK tools. The raw data contains numerous gaps, which are filled by interpolating elevation data for the terrain in the immediate vicinity of each gap. This procedure renders the gaps undetectable.
Note: The FSX default elevation for the terrain surrounding SKBO is grossly inaccurate. Consequently, the field appears to be located on a plateau several hundred feet higher than the surrounding city. The file included in our scenery is based on accurate elevation data obtained from the USGS and corrects the gross elevation mismatch near the airport. Our scenery depicts the field at the correct real-life elevation and level with the surrounding city. Unfortunately, the terrain elevation mismatch remains, appearing as a pronounced step at the boundary of the customized area. The boundary, however, is far enough away from the field that it does not affect in a significant manner the approach or departure experience.

For FS2004:


For FSX:



KCLE v1.4.1 for FS2004 terrain elevation fix



KDFW v1.1.2 for FSX runway hold-short warning lights side fixtures replacement

The following zip file contains the scenery files necessary to correct the problem with the side fixtures of the runway hold-short warning lights in the FSX version of our KDFW scenery.


KDAL v1.3.1 winter trees fix

Please download this file to any folder of your choice.  Move the file to KDAL's "Scenery" folder replacing the old file when prompted.


Note: you do not need this file if you downloaded the v1.3.1 upgrade installer after 02/27/2010.

FSX sp2 compatible hold-short lights and FS9 upgrades

New hold-short lights for all sceneries, all versions (FS2004 and FSX)
(Updated January 31, 2008)

New hold short lights installation instructions:

In a standard installation, the target folders can be found at:

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\BluePrint Simulations\KXXX\
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X\BluePrint Simulations\KXXX\

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