Statement on software piracy

The thought that, simply because you are not likely to be caught, it is ok to steal software is perhaps the most widespread misconception of all times. This fact, however, does not make it less of a crime committed against fellow human beings that, for the most part, are simply trying to make a living to put food on their children's table and shelter over their children's heads. Some out there, however, just seem incapable of grasping the idea that "software" is the fruit of someone else's hard work, dedication and creativity. I wonder how they would feel if a criminal were to surprise them in a dark or isolated area of town and, simply because the criminal was not likely to be seen by any one, took their paycheck - for most the tangible fruit of their hard work and dedication. The truth is that there are a huge number of people that choose to steal. Those people are labeled criminals by society and punished when caught. The interesting fact, however, is that those of you that choose to steal software fail to identify yourselves with those "real" criminals that you would not hesitate to put away for a very long time if you were a victim of their crime.  If that was not sad enough, some go as far as to feel insulted by this statement.  It is simply laughable that they dare to complain about it and believe that their opinion will have any meaning or value to us! All we can do is feel sorry for them and hope that some day they will grow up, take a good look at themselves in the mirror and feel as ashamed of themselves as we feel proud of our work...

I have been told by some that, because my sceneries are not perfect, they are "entitled" to download and use them at will. In other words, it appears to be their opinion that my products are worth what they are paying, nothing! Being worthless makes them common property thus being perfectly acceptable to steal them. One may feel justified at first, but you soon realize that there is no real reason to illegally download and use something that has no value. Why is it so hard to understand that, when they illegally download any software and use it, they are in fact giving that product value. I am quite sure that if the product was really "nothing" they would not waste their time with it. Gold is not valuable simply because it is gold, it is valuable because we have made it so. I wonder if it is justifiable to go around stealing a particular car model simply because that model is not as good as another. I also wonder if car thieves would get away with doing so if they were brought to justice in front of a judge and a jury of their peers. No matter how you see it, the undisputable truth is that the simple action of taking something that they have no right to take makes them criminals regardless of how hard they try to convince themselves otherwise. The saddest fact though is the number of people that simply choose not to pay for software and the indication of what they are capable of doing given the chance of getting away with it!

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